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Everything made of metal

P N SYSTEMS offers complex services for all types of works made of metal: design, dimensioning, manufacturing, additional surface treatment, delivery, assembly and disassembly, warranty and service. All our customers receive professional service at the highest level.

Everything made of metal
  • Design and dimensioning

    Design and dimensioning

    After an on-site visit or a conversation with a customer, our specialists wil create a conceptual design project of the desired product, adjusted to the customer's requirements about vision, durability and reliability. Dimensioning is done locally at a pre-arranged appointment - day and hour, as besides taking of the exact dimensions, all details about the construction and installation of the product will be specified.

  • Manufacturing


    We manufacture our products with the necessary accuracy and precision thanks to our highly qualified specialists and due to the necessary professional equipment.

  • MIG/MAG and TIG welding

    MIG/MAG and TIG welding

    We have specialists and specialized equipment for arc welding and gas welding. We weld unalloyed steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

  • Satin effect and polishing

    Satin effect and polishing

    The satin and polishing effect of stainless steel profiles and products is being achieved by processing with special abrasive discs, abrasive mop, flexible abrasives and special polishing paste.

  • powder coating

    powder coating

    We offer electrostatic powder painting of different types of profiles and metal products. The powder coating is one of the most corrosion-resistant coating methods with a rich color range available.

  • Hot galvanizing

    Hot galvanizing

    Hot galvanizing is the most reliable process to protect steel from corrosion. Through it the life of metal and steel products can increase many times.

  • Cutting profiles

    Cutting profiles

    We have professional machines available for cutting of steel and aluminium profiles at the most exact dimensions.

  • Delivery


    We have a well-maintained fleet of specialized light and commercial vehicles for transporting of light metal works, glass, profiles and other materials to the assigned object.

  • Installation


    We offer installation of various types of metal products with professional mounting groups and the required equipment.

  • Warranty and service

    Warranty and service

    All our products obtain warranty and post-warranty service.

3D Design

The 3D computer design is actually creating of the most realistic draft model, drawn up by a special computer program in order to design and build computer model of various types of devices and objects. The aim of a 3D project is to get a real idea of the outlook before making the product, be it an awning, roof or other metal work, as well as to give an idea about the type of materials used and their color orientation to the facade of the building.

  • Ability to get directly an idea about the look of the future product

    3D design realizes our vision of the future product, its shape, size and color and minimizes the errors probability by manufacturing and installation.

  • Guaranteed best end product

    The final product is as close as possible to the desired one and meets all expectations of the customer.

  • Opportunity of making corrections before finalizing the project

    3D design gives the opportunity to make quickly and easily corrections of the shape, color, the applied materials as well as to try different architectural and design approaches to the certain product.

  • Finding the best solution

    Creating of different design options allows you to select the most appropriate solution for manufacturing of your desired product


PN Systems provides post-warranty service and repair of all its products and installations. We also carry out repairs to products that have not been manufactured by us, both with our materials and with the customer's materials: reinforcing metal works; replacement of linings; Replacement of glass and glazing; Replacement of polycarbonate boards; Replacement of sheet metal panels and panes; Locating and removing leaks on ventilated facades; Additional waterproofing of awnings, roofs and open sheds; Recovery of damaged metal products.

Weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Design and manufacturing

The design project gives the most accurate idea of the final product. Our products are manufactured by highly qualified specialists and by the necessary for this purpose professional equipment.

Warranty and service

The warranty we give to our works is 5 years. The service is performed within the shortest possible time during the warranty or post-warranty period.