PNS Systems is a metal workshop with a proven quality of its products that keeps communication with its customers and professional high level service. We are at your disposal to fulfill all your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us. +32 471 89 40 72 Address: Rue de Tubize 139, 1440 Braine le Château, Belgium

  • Mirlinda Gjeli

    Office Belgium
    Rue de Tubize 139, 1440 Braine le Château.
    Phone: +32 471 89 40 72

PNS Office Belgium

Design and manufacturing

The design project gives the most accurate idea of the final product. Our products are manufactured by highly qualified specialists and by the necessary for this purpose professional equipment.

Warranty and service

The warranty we give to our works is 5 years. The service is performed within the shortest possible time during the warranty or post-warranty period.

Design solutions with metal works

You may find many different applications of metal works – both in households and industry. We have a wide range of materials, and our experience lets us deal with the most complex design projects. PNS can offer advice on finding a constructive solution to every inquiry of yours.