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PN Systems offers a wide range of metal works, which differ in purpose, material to use, shape and dimensions. Rely on us to realize your most complex ideas.

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The closest to reality computer design project allows you to have an idea of the final look of your desired metal work.


and service

We guarantee the best quality of our products. We offer both warranty service of all our products and repair of metal works not made by our company.

Manufacturing  and service

Metal Works

  • High quality

    High quality

  • Manufacturing and installation

    Manufacturing and installation

  • All products custom made

    All products custom made

The services which PN Systems offer are comprehensive and include design, manufacturing, supply and installation, as well warranty and service of our own products and repair of products that are not manufactured by the company. Our main goal is to achieve high quality, practicality, beauty and safety of the metal works we produce for the homes, yards and the offices of our customers. You will find many different applications of metal works. Doors, fences, railings, cladding, pergolas, open sheds and tents, roofs, suspended ceilings, security bars, shutters, glazing, staircases and ramps are only some of them. Our mission is to ease you in finding a trusted partner with experience in this branch.

  • Pergolas & open sheds

    PN S
    Pergolas & open sheds

    • Stainless steel awnings, pergolas and open sheds

      They are manufactured of profile stainless steel and are known by their durability and low prices.

      • Polycarbonate
      • Sandwich panels
      • Glass and double glass panes.
      • Hydrophobic plywood with voalit or bitumen tiles
      • Sheet metal
    • Inox awnings, pergolas and open sheds

      Inox works – have high level of corrosion resistance. No need of maintenance and painting.

      • Polycarbonate
      • Glass and double glass panes
      • Stainless metal sheet
    • Aluminium awnings, pergolas and open sheds

      They are manufactured of Aluminium profiles which are characterized by their durability, high level of corrosion resistance and low weight.

      • Polycarbonate
      • Sandwich panels
      • Glass and double glass panes
      • Composite panel (Etalbond)
      • Aluminium sheets
  • Roofs & ceilings

    PN S
    Roofs & ceilings

    • Steel roofs

      They are known by their strength and give an excellent opportunities of unique architecture solutions. They are made out of profiled steel.

      • Sandwich panels
      • Hydrophobic plywood, voalit or bitumen tiles
      • Glass and double glass panes
    • Suspended ceilings

      Suspended ceilings are preferred because of their qualities - thermal and acoustic insulation properties, fire resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, possibility of recycling of used materials.

      • Gypsum board with wool
      • Aluminium hunter
      • PVC wainscoting
      • Armstrong
  • Metal works

    PN S
    Metal works

    • Aluminium works

      Durable, resistant to corrosion and with lightweight, aluminium works are preferred for a supporting construction of glass, polycarbonate or composites by terraces, verandas or roofs.

      • On fitting connection
      • Assembling on welding connection
    • Stainless steel works

      The products of stainless steel are a very suitable solution for supporting works by tables and basic stands for machines in the food industry, supporting construction of sheds and roofs, decorative structure elements of buildings and other facilities

      • Assembling on bolting connection
      • Assembling by welding connection
    • Works of unalloyed steel

      Due to its strength and low price unalloyed steel is widely used in construction of buildings and facilities, as well as in the production of awnings, roofs, sheds and supporting works and elements.

      • Assembling by bolting connection
      • Assembling by welding connection
  • Fences

    PN S

    • Steel fences

      Because of its strength characteristics and variety of profiles, unalloyed and structural steel is widely used in manufacturing of fences.

    • Inox fences

      Stainless steel fences are spectacular, durable, have long-lasting life and are maintenance-free. They are especially preferred for places with high humidity and aggressive environment.

    • Fences of wrought iron

      Wrought iron fences are a composition of various steel profiles and decorative steel elements assembled by welding with a wide range of decorations and color effects.

  • Bars & shutters

    PN S
    Bars & shutters

    • Metal window bars

      They are made out of plain or stainless steel, with wrought iron elements or decorative profiles. An assembling by welding gives extreme strength to the grid, while powder painting extends its life.

      • Bars of steel
      • Bars of stainless steel
      • Security bars of wrought iron
    • Window shutters

      Shutters for windows are meant to protect the building from theft and bad weather influences. They also create an additional barrier against loss of warmth through windows and doors.

      • Shutters of steel
      • Aluminium shutters
  • Glazing & conservatories

    PN S
    Glazing & conservatories

    • Aluminium glazing

      The numerous choices available by aluminium glazing are the reason for their wide usage in almost every building.

      • With single glass
      • With double glass panes
    • Steel glazing

      Steel glazing is known by its high strength, big variety and choices, relatively low profiling intensity and high light transmittance.

      • With single glass
      • With double glass panes
    • Metal windows

      Metal windows can protect from harmful atmospheric conditions, heat and soundproof the inside space of the building without interfering with light access.

      • Profiled glazing
      • Non-profiled glazing
  • Staircases & ramps

    PN S
    Staircases & ramps

    • Staircases

      Staircases could be massive and able to withstand heavy loads as well as light and elegant, with a designer look. The treads could be made of rifled or perforated sheet metal, glass, ceramics, wood, etc.

      • With glass treads
      • With wooden treads
      • With metal treads
      • With treads of natural stone
    • Spiral staircases

      Spiral Staircases are a practical option for staircase in small spaces, loft apartments, attics or design solutions for your home and office. Their treads are positioned in a spiral shape.

      • With glass treads
      • With wooden treads
      • With metal treads
      • With treads of natural stone
    • Ramps

      A ramp is a facility used for crossing between different height levels of a building or to create approach to buildings, and has a wide range of applications.

      • Of unalloyed steel
      • Of stainless steel
  • Claddings

    PN S

    • Claddings of aluminium sheets

      Aluminium is material with a light weight, easy to work with and has good corrosion resistance properties. Aluminium metal sheets are easy to clean, so they are suitable material for cladding walls, columns, window sills, suspended ceilings and other surfaces exposed to heavy contamination and pollution.

    • Claddings of plasticized steel sheets

      Plasticized steel sheets are similar to aluminium sheets, but they have better impact resistance properties. They are suitable for walls and suspended ceilings, as well as for finishing elements of awnings and awnings.

    • Claddings of composite panels - etalbond

      The composite panel (etalbond) is light but sturdy, easy to clean, has good insulation properties and is suitable as a cladding source for walls, suspended ceilings, building facades, visors and awnings, etc.

    • Varnished colored glass

      Thanks to its resistance to moisture glass can be used as a coating material in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, buildings’ facades, etc. Varnished colored glass (lacobel) has a wide application in modern exterior and interior design

    • Claddings of sandwich panels

      Sandwich panels are easily to assemble elements that are characterized by low weight, very good thermal insulation properties and high resistance to bad weather conditions. They are suitable for coating of walls, roofs, facades of buildings, etc.

    • Claddings of ceramics

      Ceramic cladding is a suitable solution for exterior walls and facades of buildings. It consists of a combination of supporting wall substructure, thermo insulation - most commonly wadding, hangers and ceramic facing panels. Finished in this way the facade can breathe – and is called a ventilating ceramic facade.

  • Doors & gates

    PN S
    Doors & gates

    • Drive gates

      Drive gates are large in size and provide a variety of opening systems. It is important to consider their reliable exploitations under all weather conditions.

      • Sliding portal gates
      • Portal gates on hinges
      • Entrance doors type armonica
      • Remote opening automation
    • Custom designed doors

      In case of non-standard architectural solutions, we make doors in any combination of materials, colors, types of opening and locking systems. We are ready to implement any unusual idea or project that we are assigned to fabricate.

    • Courtyard doors

      Courtyard doors are the access to your yard or building, so they have to combine robustness and security from thieves, beauty and style, to enchant guests, practicality, convenience and qualities for long years of operation.

    • Garage doors

      Garage doors are used to provide access to garages, they are entry to garages or large commercial and warehouse premises.

      • Sectional garage doors
      • One panel
      • Roller garage doors
    • Exterior front doors

      Extreme care must be taken to select an exterior entrance door. It has to meet all requirements of reliability, protection, safety and flawless vision.

      • Armored doors
      • Steel doors
      • Aluminium doors


PN Systems provides post-warranty service and repair of all its products and installations. We also carry out repairs to products that have not been manufactured by us, both with our materials and with the customer's materials: reinforcing metal works; replacement of linings; Replacement of glass and glazing; Replacement of polycarbonate boards; Replacement of sheet metal panels and panes; Locating and removing leaks on ventilated facades; Additional waterproofing of awnings, roofs and open sheds; Recovery of damaged metal products.

Weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Design and manufacturing

The design project gives the most accurate idea of the final product. Our products are manufactured by highly qualified specialists and by the necessary for this purpose professional equipment.

Warranty and service

The warranty we give to our works is 5 years. The service is performed within the shortest possible time during the warranty or post-warranty period.

Design solutions with metal works

You may find many different applications of metal works – both in households and industry. We have a wide range of materials, and our experience lets us deal with the most complex design projects. PNS can offer advice on finding a constructive solution to every inquiry of yours.